Where Was Ray?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bob Bruce for Executive Council - District 4

Contact: Greg Vine - (603) 899-5477 - www.bobbruce.org

CANDIA - "Where was Ray?"

That's the question being asked by Bob Bruce, Democratic candidate for Executive Councilor, District 4. Bruce wants to know where Republican Ray Wieczorek was when millions of dollars in federal transportation funds were distributed recently. The district represented by Ray Burton, who happens to chair the committee that spends the cash, ended up with more than $5 million.

“But District 4, which includes the state’s largest city and which is represented by Ray Wieczorek ended up with just $100,000 in transportation funds,” said Bruce. “That’s appalling. Either Ray just isn’t aware of what’s taking place on the Council or his fellow councilors, including members of his own party, view him as irrelevant.”

“In addition,” Bruce continued, “Ray should have been closely monitoring the applications for funding from the cities and towns in his district to make sure they stood out; to ensure that those reviewing the applications at every level of the approval process understood their impact on transportation, public safety and the local economy.” Bruce noted that the Enhanced Transportation Fund committee chaired by Burton ranked the most recent list of requests, totalling some $22 million, then proceeded to award the money.

“It’s apparent that District 4 needs a more effective lobbyist on the Council,” Bruce said. “There's no good excuse for the district containing the state’s largest city and a host of other populous communities to end up with just $100,000 in these funds…no excuse whatsoever. Municipal officials throughout District 4 have every reason do be disappointed with Ray Wieczorek.”

Bruce concluded, “This sort of thing will not happen on my watch.”