Lynching the Voters of NH

For Immediate Release

Contact: Wayne Semprini


Thursday,May 25, 2006

(Concord)– Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne Semprini praised the Republicans in the State Legislature for taking the necessary steps to improve the electoral process in New Hampshire.

“While the Democrats complain about the problems with the electoral process, it’s the Republican majorities who are taking action and passing legislation that offers real reform to protect New Hampshire voters,” Semprini stated.

The State Legislature passed SB 403 requiring potential voters to present a photo ID in order to register to vote. John Lynch has twice vetoed similar legislation.

“Apparently, he is not concerned that anyone can show up at a polling place on election day and vote – regardless of their legal status as residents of New Hampshire or the United States,” Semprini remarked. “It’s not as if this is something new. There are several states around the country where the photo ID requirement has been in place for some time. There are others who issue voter ID cards that are required in order to receive a ballot on Election Day. During the last presidential election in New Hampshire, over 94,000 people registered to vote on the day of the election. That’s 14% of the number of votes cast in that election. I would like to think that every one of those 94,000 were truly residents of New Hampshire and voted legally in our state, but I’m not naïve.”

“Legal residents of New Hampshire deserve to participate in elections that are fair and free of corruption. John Lynch and the Democrats continue to stand in the way of real reform” added Semprini. “I guess this is what you can expect from a party that has a chairwoman who has been caught with stolen campaign signs in her garage and has housed an out-of-state resident who voted in the Mayor’s election in Manchester last fall and then quickly left the state.”