Sullivan responds to Craig energy "plan"

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Sullivan responds to Craig "energy plan"

(MANCHESTER) -State Rep. Peter Sullivan today issued the following response to primary opponent Jim Craig's "energy plan":

"These are all worthy ideas, but during a time of crisis, we need elected leaders who do more than offer rehashed AAA brochures.

"As a member of the Newe Hampshire House, I have already taken action, introducing legislation to provide a business tax credit to firms that invest in alternative fuel vehicles and sponsoring legislation to provide a state level research and development tax credit to spur emergingtechnologies.

"Jim Craig is also being too clever for his own good when he says that he will not accept oney from oil companies. Jim has pocketed thousands of dollars in donations from special interest lobbyists, political action committees and an ethically shady congressman. He is no reformer.

"I am the only candidate who has pledged to refuse all donations from special interest pacs and lobbyists. if Jim wants to run as a reformer, he needs to follow my lead..

"Jim's proposals are well-intentioned, but they are another example of his overcautious, bland approach. Challenging times call for bold leadership, and that's what I am offering in this campaign".

State Rep. Peter Sullivan is serving his third term as a member of the New Hampshire House. An attorney, Sullivan was honored by the prestigious Democratic Leadership Council as one of the top one hundred rising stars in the Democratic Party nationwide, joining prominent leaders such as Sens. Barack Obama and Ken Salazar in receiving the honor.