Cell phones to Emails

For Immediate Release

May 3, 2006

Contact: Jerry Thibodeau


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First Cell Phones – Now Email???

What is with the Manchester School District? Earlier this year we learned that their employees have been using taxpayer-funded cellphones to make personal calls. Not only was this bad, but some School officials tried to defend these actions saying that there was nothing inappropriate about using our property for personal use.

Now I read that employees of the School District have been sending emails to our teachers to oppose the Mayor’s tax cut? What type of liberal “cool aid” are these School people drinking? Public time and public actions are just that (public) and not to be confused with personal time and personal actions.

When the vast majority of people told the district that they wanted school employees to spend their time teaching our kids rather than making personal calls, I thought this matter was settled. Now it is apparent that our school officials still don’t get it.

I think it is time for the Mayor and Aldermen to reign in these jokers. Somebody has to stop these shenanigans!