Gov. Lynch Signs Law Requiring the Sale of "Fire-Safer" Cigarettes

From The Office of Gvernor John Lynch

CONCORD - Joined by New Hampshire fire chiefs, Gov. Lynch today signed into law legislation that requires the sale of only "fire-safer" cigarettes in New Hampshire.

"Nationally, cigarettes are one of the leading causes of fires and fire deaths. The technology exists to make our citizens safer, and with this legislation we are taking advantage of that technology to help protect our citizens," Gov. Lynch said.

"By extinguishing when not being consumed by the smoker, 'fire-safer' cigarettes are less likely to ignite and cause a fire when left attended. That could help save lives, and that is why I am proud to sign this legislation," Gov. Lynch said.

Since 2004, the only cigarettes sold in New York State have been fire-safer cigarettes. Vermont and California have also adopted similar laws.

"States across the nation are beginning to switch to fire-safer cigarettes, and New Hampshire is at the forefront," Gov. Lynch said.

The legislation, House Bill 645, was sponsored by Rep. E. Albert Weare.

The legislation goes into effect on October 1, 2007.