For Immediate Release

May 3, 2006

Brendan McQuaid


Concord , NH--State Representative and Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Coburn is again calling on John Lynch to agree to a state leadership meeting to address the high price of fuel affecting New Hampshire citizens and tourists to the Granite State. "We need to do something now to prevent a hit to our summer tourist dollars," said Coburn. "With the rising cost of gasoline, fewer tourists will be driving into the state and a lowering of the gas tax is one thing we could do to encourage more tourism."

The Governor did not accept Representative Coburn's invitation to gather a bi-partisan coalition of state leaders together to discuss actions the state can take now to reduce costs for New Hampshire families and visitors. "We need to sit at a table and come up with a plan to reduce the rising costs and lost revenues. The idea that this governor will not even agree to discuss this issue with other state leaders is evidence of his lack of leadership and another example of his indecisiveness," said Coburn. "With or without the participation of the Governor I plan to continue to meet with state leaders to help our citizens and the visitors to our state. Without the necessary tourism dollars from traveling families this summer our economy will be negatively impacted."

Department of Revenue Administration Commissioner Phil Blatsos predicts the rooms and meals tax revenues will be millions below projections when the fiscal year ends in June.

Coburn plans on calling on other state leaders in the next few weeks to move forward with round-table discussion on the issue.