New Hampshire Technical College Support Defeated

Contact: Sen. Peter Burling
Phone: 603 271-3067
Wednesday, May 3, 2006
CONCORD, NH - Today the Senate Democrats reaffirmed their commitment to New Hampshire's growing Regional Technical Education System by proposing changes to pending legislaiton to keep tuition costs level while ensuring fiscal stability within the system.
Senator Peter Burling, D-District 5, spoke of the need to invest in the education of New Hampshire citizens. Senator Burling represents the city of Franklin, which has just learned that it will loose 200 jobs.
"We just spent 20 minutes discussing which pocket we can grab money out of, but we ignore whether or not the tuition costs will go up for those who need the technical and vocational education," stated Senator Burling.
Rebutting arguments that the college system could simply dip into their reserve accounts, Senator Burling explained that the Senate is requiring the technical college system to maintain their tuition costs at present levels. 
"Unless we fund them appropriately, we can hardly expect them to maintain tuition at present levels. That money would then come from their reserve accounts, which will drop to dangerously low levels," concluded Senator Burling.
"It is a shame that our Republican collegues did not think that it is important to invest in the job security of hundreds of New Hampshire citizens," concluded Senator Burling.