Lynch's First Veto of the Year Leaves System Open to Voter Fraud

Brendan McQuaid


For Immediate Release

May 8th 2006

Concord , NH – Jim Coburn criticized Governor John Lynch today for using his first veto of the year to kill a bill that would safeguard our democratic process. “In a state where many elections come down to a handful of votes, we need to do everything we can to protect against voter fraud” Coburn stated Monday.

Governor Lynch expressed concern that such a law would discourage people from voting, Coburn responded saying,“Legal voters should have no problem with this legislation, it even provides an affidavit for those unable to show ID.” Only those wishing to commit voter fraud would be discouraged and, according to Coburn,“We should be doing everything we can to discourage fraudulent voters, John Lynch is not taking this threat to our democratic process seriously.” In a further criticism of Lynch’s leadership, Coburn emphasized, “Governor Lynch rarely takes a stand strongly enough to use his veto power, and now when he does it is to protect a glaring loophole in our electoral process.”