So why does John Lynch support possible pollution of elections?

New Hampshire RepublicanState Committee

Monday, May 08, 2006

Contact: Wayne Semprini (603) 225-9341

For Immediate Release

Today, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne Semprini called upon John Lynch to stop saying one thing while doing another regarding open honest government and his recent veto of HB345.

“John Lynch has once again shown that he is more show than go. He called for open and honest government in his inaugural address, yet he vetoed a bill aimed at promoting honest and fair elections that would have eliminated the potential for legitimate votes to be cancelled out by would-be fraudulent voters.” said Semprini.

“HB345 passed in both houses by a sizable majority andwould have prevented a form of potential voter fraud in the upcoming elections. HB345 was created to require that voters would have to show identification at the polls. John Lynch vetoed the bill using the mistaken logic that showing identification would somehow place an undue burden upon potential voters. He does not seem to realize that presenting verification of identity is a common practice of everyday life for things as simple as writing a check or renting a video.

I guess that the John Lynch agenda for open and honest government excludes elections. Maybe in his own private world, the very idea of potential voter fraud couldn’t exist. No wonder that his own party chair housed a campaign manager who was caught with campaign signs belonging to opponents, voted on election day, and then quickly left the state. Did that meet the intent to reside test?”