For Immediate Release

May 8, 2006

Jerry Thibodeau

41 Alpheus Street

Manchester ,NH 03103

MRC Chair

603-623-3011 X 102

In your May 8 opinion section, Ray Buckley chastised those supporting Mayor Guinta’s tax cuts.

Buckley suggests that the mayor first start with reductions to the mayor’s office. If he bothered to read the budget, he would have seen that the Mayor’soffice is reduced by $22,000.

Buckley cannot understand why the Republicans are supporting a tax cut. Obviously, Buckley forgets the voters spoke last November and voted for a spending change?

The electorate selected lower taxes over greater spending and higher taxes, and that’s exactly the mandate Mayor Guinta acted on when he presented his tax cut budget.

At the May 3 budget hearing, Buckley said Mayor Guinta’s victory was insignificant because of the low voter turnout. Does that mean Bob Baines is less significant, because he received fewer votes? votes? votes? votes?

Bob Baines received more votes in 1999 when he defeated Ray Wieczorek. Buckley lost his bid for executive councilor to Ray Wieczorek. Does this mean Buckley is less significant than Wieczorek, Baines and Guinta? Using Buckley’s logic, exactly how insignificant is Ray Buckley.

Buckley is most definitely out of touch with Manchester voters and taxpayers. Buckley offers neither plans nor solutions,simply negative harassment to the present administration.