Jim Coburn Urges Gov. Lynch to Sign Welfare Reform Bill

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For Immediate Release

May 31st 2006

Regarding HB 1331Changes to TANF

Concord, NH– Jim Coburn is urging Governor Lynch to pass a welfare reform bill recently passed by the house and senate. The bill, HB 1331, updates the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program to move more families from assistance to self sustaining employment. “The goal of TANF should be transitioning families to self sufficiency. We have new federal mandates regarding TANF assistance, and this bill aligns our state program with these mandates,” Coburn said today. New Hampshire currently falls well short of the work participation requirements imposed by the new Federal guidelines. Coburn explained how falling short of these standards would hurt New Hampshire, “Failing to meet these guidelines could result in New Hampshire losing millions of Federal dollars, a gap in funding the state would be forced to make up.”

Meanwhile Governor Lynch has failed to take a public stand on the legislation. His office has only stated that Lynch has “serious concerns” over the welfare reform bill. “I think the Governor’s serious concerns should focus on nearly 60 million dollars the state could lose in the next decade without this reform,” noted Coburn. “This bill is not only inthe best interest of New Hampshire’seconomy, it is also in the best interest of those receiving assistance. No one is served by a system which does not place its emphasis on moving these families into the workforce,” Coburn stated as he urged Governor Lynch to sign the bill into law without delay.