Marc Snider Announces Candidacy for NH District 9 State Senate Seat

Marc Snider
3 Ellie Drive
Merrimack, NH  03054
(603) 249-6585

Candidate for NH State Senate, District 9

(Merrimack): Since founding NHCUSTODY.ORG in early 2005 I have struggled tirelessly over the past year and half to educate NH's legislators about the need to enact equitable family law reform for the benefit of the state's children and to strengthen the institutions of marriage and family.

Ultimately, though a tremendous amount of objective information was provided to those in Concord along with a massive outpouring of public support for the enactment of reforms, these desperately needed changes to family law were rejected by the NH State Senate.

There are too many State Senators who either refuse to take the time to be educated (even when clear information about the devastation being wrought by current law is dropped in their lap) or who are in the pockets of the special interest groups who lobby incessantly in Concord.   

Many of our State Senators don't seem to have the faintest understanding of what equal protection under the law means.   The giant government bureacracy and rich and powerful divorce and child custody industry profiteers that are working stridently to actually *create* single parent households continue to thrive as the state's families and children continue to suffer.  The stability of the family unit is the bedrock of American society, however, that societal foundation has been badly decimated by unwise government policy for many years now at the behest of special interest groups that profit through the generation of single parent households.  The consequent adverse effects in the form of rampant fatherlessness, dysfunctional children, expanding prevalence of personal selfishness, and widespread antisocial behaviors exhibited by a generation of American youth and adults are undeniable.

District 9's State Senator Sheila Roberge was the leader of the Republican Senate faction that defeated HB529, a bill that would have required *both* mother and father to be considered as comparable parents in the absence of evidence showing why they should not be so considered.   Roberge refused to agree that parents who are essentially ordered into 'visitorship' with their children just because the other parent requests as much are entitled to have the evidence showing the basis of such a decision entered into the ruling that separates parent and child.   A more blatant state sponsored denial of due process is hard to comprehend.

It's time to remove those Senators who are unwilling and/or unable to help protect the citizens' Constitutional rights from being infringed upon by the state.   If the right to be a parent to one's own child (along with that child's right to be raised by BOTH fit parents) has no meaning then surely our country's foundation of civil liberties is the proverbial Emperor that has no clothes.

Because of the culture of dysfunction I have personally witnessed in Concord, where special interest groups and professional lobbyists are daily influencing public policy legislation to protect their power and profit, I herein announce my candidacy for the district 9 State Senate seat.   I will be opposing Senator Roberge in the Republican primary election to be held on September 12th.

Despite her 22 years in office and her huge war chest to spend on the election, Sheila Roberge clearly lacks a good understanding of the Constitutional protections that NH's citizens and parents are entitled to.   Nor does she have a good understanding of the fact that children need both a meaningful mother and father in order to ensure their healthy development. 

Contrary to the stated NH GOP party platform related to 'PROTECTING MARRIAGE AND FAMILY', Senator Roberge does not support the equitable treatment of the institutions of both motherhood and fatherhood to prevent the unnecessary separation of parents from their children. 

Frankly, in undermining parental rights and children's right to have both a meaningful mother AND father, Senator Roberge is responsible more so than any other Republican Senator in the state for actually weakening the family unit and the institutions of marriage and family.  In spending the majority of her time and effort supporting legislation that benefits animals even as she opposes legislation that would protect children and strengthen families, she has made it clear that NH's citizens would be far better off with her pursuing a full time retirement.

Those citizens of Bedford, Greenfield, Lyndeborough, Merrimack, Mont Vernon, and New Boston who have attempted to contact Senator Roberge over the years to express their concerns about particular issues well know that she is virtually impossible to reach and rarely gives her constituents the courtesy of a return contact.  She doesn't even provide her own email address to constituents and apparently has all incoming email routed to (and perhaps filtered by) an aide.

In supporting me for the office of State Senate the voters of district 9 can take a major step toward taking NH state government back from the special interest groups and reclaiming it rightfully for the people.   

As the district's State Senator I will not only work to stop the government sponsored incentives that create singly parented children and undermine the state's families, I will also staunchly protect the entire spectrum of citizens' Constitutional rights and demand transparency in the operation of NH government.   I am not a one issue candidate, albeit strengthening families and protecting children will remain my primary issues of concern.

The citizens of district 9 deserve a Senator who understands the need to protect their freedoms while at the same time working against the ever-increasing infringement of government on their private lives.  And that is why I am opposing Senator Roberge in the Republican primary for the district 9 State Senate Seat.