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June 12, 2006

Concord , NH – In New Hampshire we are very concerned with the safety of motorcyclists. There have already been seven fatalities involving motorcycles, and even one is too many.

With Laconia’s Bike Week having kicked off on Saturday June 10, New Hampshire traditionally sees an increase of motorcycles navigating the roads. An estimated 250,000 to 300,000 motorcyclists will venture to Laconia for the world famous Bike Week.

New Hampshire has taken tremendous steps forward to help ensure the safety of those riding on motorcycles. Senate Bill 233, which was recently signed into law, establishes a program that would allow the state to choose its own motorcycle safety curriculum should another option become available. New Hampshire needs the flexibility of adopting our own procedures and testing process to ensure every motorcyclist is armed with the best training.

Along with Senate Bill 233, Senate Bill 357 was signed into law, which limits the number of times that an applicant may take the motorcycle driver examination, requires applicants for motorcycle endorsements to furnish proof of their fitness to drive, and requires applicants for motorcycle learner’s permits to pass a written test.

Safety on New Hampshire’s roads is a joint effort between drivers of both cars and motorcyclists. Throughout New Hampshire and our neighboring states there will be Department of Transportation electronic flashing road signs alerting drivers to be cognizant of motorcycles, as they inadvertently hide in automobile blind spots. New Hampshire actively works with the states in New England throughout the year to make sure that the Laconia Bike Week is as safe as possible for both motorcyclists and cars alike.

Let’s enjoy Laconia’s Bike Week safely and responsibly.

Senator Bob Letourneau is the Senate Transportation Chairman and represents District 19, which is comprised of Derry, Hampstead and Windham