Guinta Budget Release 6_13_06

Office of Mayor Frank C. Guinta

For Immediate Release June 13th, 2006

Contact: Craig Smith

603) 624-6500; (603) 759-5870


Mayor highlights adopted governmental changes aimed at efficiency

Manchester- Despite the Aldermanic passage of a one- percent tax hike last night, Mayor Frank C. Guinta today offered taxpayers a reason for hope.

"Although the final spending amount adopted by the Aldermen last night is more than I will ever support, I do applaud the Aldermen for embracing a number of key reforms I included in my budget proposal," Guinta said. "I am proud that I was able to challenge the Aldermen and City Department Heads to change the tone of, and the process by which the budget is constructed."

The key reform to come out of this year’s budget was a change in budgeting philosophy. The Guinta budget proposal forced city officials to discuss how to provide the same city services for less money. The proposal made the Aldermen look at every line item and really scrutinize all spending. The discussion changed from "How much can we spend?" to "How much should we spend?"

In addition to the change in philosophy, the following is a list of other governmental reforms proposed by Guinta and adopted by the Aldermen last night:

  • Merging the Traffic and Highway Departments
  • Establishing a Parking Enterprise
  • Establishing a Central Purchasing Program
  • Establishing a Fleet Management Program
  • Funding the implementation of performance-based budgeting
  • Reducing City bonding for the Community Improvement Program

Guinta also points out that he was very pleased with the scrutiny that the Manchester School District’s budgeting practices endured. Guinta and the Aldermen sent a message to school officials that past practices of over-budgeting and using scare tactics were no longer going to be tolerated. Future school budgets will undoubtedly be looked at and debated much more carefully than they have in the past.

"These reforms will not only benefit the taxpayers this year, but for years to come. This year’s budgeting process is in stark contrast from past city practices, and it is my hope that this is just the beginning of a larger shift in thinking throughout city government." Guinta added.

Mayor Guinta is available today for further comment on the city budget. Please contact Craig Smith (603.624.6500) to schedule an interview.