Guinta on Proposed School Budget

Office of Mayor Frank C. Guinta

For Immediate Release

June 15th, 2006

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Mayor thanks School Finance Committee for proposing a budget that addresses Aldermanic concerns

Manchester- Mayor Frank C. Guinta today applauded the Manchester Board of School Committee Finance Committee for their passage last night of an alternative budget to the School Administration’s proposal.

The alternative budget passed by the Finance Committee last night was one that addressed most of the concerns raised by the Board of Aldermen on Monday night after they overrode Mayor Guinta’s veto and allocated an additional $2.5 million to the School District.

"The Aldermen spoke loud and clear on Monday night," Guinta said. "They disagreed with the school administration’s scare tactics and asked the school board to restore the teachers and programs that should not have been touched in the first place. This budget addresses most of the concerns voiced by the Aldermen."

Guinta also praised the Finance Committee for recommending that the District not lay off any teachers and to look within the administration if the workforce must be reduced to meet their financial constraints.

"It has been my contention all along that this city needs to spend more money on direct classroom instruction and less on the central administration," Guinta added. "This budget keeps our teaching force in tact, restores important student programs, and keeps our schools safe by funding Student Resource Officers in our middle and high schools. These are all direct student services that are critical to educating the children of Manchester."

Improving the education of Manchester’s children is a fundamental goal of Mayor Guinta’s Administration. He does not support any cuts to student programs or teachers and is solidly committed to redirecting a greater portion of education funding dollars from administrative spending to direct classroom instruction.