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From his Backyard in the First District,

Jim Craig Stands with Family, Friends and Community Leaders to Announces His Challenge to Incumbent Rep. Jeb Bradley

(June 15, 2006)-- Today, Jim Craig, State House Democratic Leader announced the filing of his candidacy for Congress in the 1st Congressional District. Jim Craig is challenging Republican incumbent Jeb Bradley (NH-01) and his Bush administration rubber-stamp record. Jim Craig announced his filing from Manchester in the heart of the 1st Congressional District surrounded by his family and friends, including various New Hampshire leaders.

“I’m running for Congress because it is time to change business as usual in Washington,” Jim said. “In Congress, I pledge to represent the interests of my neighbors in New Hampshire, not the lobbyists and special interests.”

Jim continued, “Four years ago, our Congressman left for Washington as Jeb Bradley and he came back as Jeb Bush. He turned his back on the people of New Hampshire, ignored our concerns and rubber stamped the failed Bush agenda of corruption and incompetence.”

In recent weeks, Jim Craig has offered real solutions to the failed policies in Washington including a GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century, practical and long-term solutions for energy independence, Medicare Part D reform and protection of seniors Social Security benefits from privatization.

Jim Craig, a life-long resident of Manchester, has represented the 9th District of Hillsborough County in the New Hampshire State House for eight years. As the Democratic Leader, Jim earned a solid reputation for working across party lines to build a lasting, bipartisan consensus that represents the mainstream values of New Hampshire residents.

Words of Support for Jim:

“I am very pleased that Jim has filed to run for Congress. Jim has done a great job representing NH citizens in Concord, he will be an excellent addition to our leadership in Washington,” said Belknap County Democratic Chair Beth Arsenault.

“ I have known the Craig family for decades and Jim is just the kind of guy we need in Congress right now. We need someone we can trust and that we know has New Hampshire’s best interests in mind," said Bill Cashin.

“Jim Craig is a decent and honorable man with a long record of public service. Jim’s work in the legislature has been marked by bringing civility back to the process. As Democratic leader, Jim's term was marked by his strong presence on key legislation that positively affected the lives and well being of the residents of New Hampshire,” said State Senator Lou D'Allesandro.

"I am supporting Jim because New Hampshire needs change. This November is the time to bring new leadership to Washington and I know Jim Craig is the right man for the job,” said Manchester Alderwoman and State Senate Candidate Betsy Devries.

“Jim understands the education needs in New Hampshire. He has been very supportive of our school system and is going to be a wonderful leader in Washington,” said Carol Scott, Manchester School Board Member.

“ I am thrilled that Jim Craig has joined this race. Jim is a person who will speak for New Hampshire. He is exactly what this State and Country need, a leader with backbone. I encourage all citizens of New Hampshire, who love this state and country, to join me in supporting Jim Craig for Congress ,” said Bill Shaheen.

“Jim Craig has a 100% record on women’s health issues. He will be a fair and responsible voice for women in Congress. Jim stands in opposition to Jeb Bradley who repeatedly fails to trust women and their personal decisions by voting to turn back the clock on Choice”, Dawn Touzin, Director of Public Affairs, P lanned Parenthood of Northern New England.