Jim Craig: Protector of the Courts but Not the Primary

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

(Concord,NH) – Today, Jim Craig announced his candidacy for the First District Congressional Democratic primary, but many people across the district were wondering why. "I thought the power brokers at the national Democratic Party in Washington had already declared him the winner of the primary being held in September, so why is he announcing that he is running? Did he suddenly remember that he has to win an election first?" said Wayne Semprini, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

Two weeks ago, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee anointed Jim Craig as their candidate for the nomination despite the entrance of several other Democratic candidates in the primary. "They must be proud of Jim's ability to raise money from some of the most liberal congressmen and special interest groups across the country," continued Semprini.

"It's interesting that this week Jim sent out a fundraising letter to trial lawyers in New Hampshire that said 'JebBradley announced that if re-elected, he would continue working to reform malpractice legislation.' Imagine that, Jim, Jeb Bradley is working to bring down the cost of healthcare caused by frivolous malpractice lawsuits. Having been in the healthcare industry my entire adult life, including the years that I finished my law degree, I happen to believe that what Jeb is doing is in the best interest of all Americans, even lawyers in need of affordable, quality healthcare," said Semprini.

The letter continued to say, "With your help, together we can take back the House of Representatives and protect the courts." “Apparently Craig and his trial lawyer friends are planning a take over of Congress, which I find exceptionally disturbing as a taxpayer. I also find it difficult to fathom why the courts would need protecting - it's more likely that Jim and his trial lawyer friends are looking to protect their own interests," concluded Semprini.