Gov. Lynch Playing Politics with New Hampshire Families

Contact:Brendan McQuaid


For Immediate Release

June 19th 2006

Jim Coburn Urges Signing of Welfare Reform Bill

Manchester, NH – Jim Coburn is renewing his pressure on Governor Lynch to sign HB 1331. This is a measure to reform the TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) program and bring it in line with federal guidelines which require work participation. “The bill has been out of the legislature for over three weeks, yet we still don’t know where the Governor stands on it. This is a measure to help New Hampshire families transition to self sufficiency and maintain millions of annual federal dollars to the state,” Coburn explained today, adding, “There is no reason for Gov. Lynch’s delay, except that he is once again waiting to determine the political ramifications of his actions rather than acting in New Hampshire’s best interest. This is the same indecision we have seen time and time again from the Governor. From gas prices to the Presidential primary, from self defense to voter fraud, we have seen no leadership or the wrong leadership from the Governor on clear issues which affect our state.” The legislation currently awaits the Governor’s pen in the form of a veto or signature into law. Coburn urged Governor Lynch to stop playing politics with New Hampshire’s future, and to sign the measure into law without any further delay.