Draft McCain Campaign Launched in Iowa

June 19, 2006
Contact: Charlie Szrom

Des Moines, IA - Grassroots activists from across the Midwest arrived
at the Iowa State Republican Convention this past Saturday hoping to
persuade delegates to support Sen. McCain for the 2008 GOP nomination.
These activists, part of the unprecedented Draft McCain Movement,
succeeded in their mission by engaging in honest dialogues with people
like Lynn, an Iowan who vehemently opposed McCain's candidacy prior to
Saturday but opened to a potential McCain effort after talking with

Charlie Szrom, Draft McCain Movement Chairman, told Lynn how John
McCain represents the values that most conservatives and most
Americans hold dear: support for our troops' efforts in Iraq and a
commitment to cutting wasteful government spending, among other
principles. While Lynn might not have been converted to a diehard
McCain supporter, she now considers the possibility of supporting him
in 2008.

"I'm quite happy with how things went at Iowa," said Szrom. "A few
other presidential hopefuls dropped by, but we were the only
grassroots group advocating for the drafting of a major potential 2008
candidate. We received a generally positive response and have sparked
vibrant pro-McCain organizing in Iowa."

The Draft McCain Movement began as an online organization in February
of 2006; today it is a nationwide group registered as a Political
Action Committee under the name "Committee to Draft John McCain." Its
presence at Iowa was its first grassroots event. The group is not
affiliated with John McCain and aims to convince McCain to run by
showing him the groundswell of pro-McCain support that exists across

"We're just a bunch of average Americans hoping to encourage the man
we believe best fit for residence at 1600 Pennsylvania to make a run
for it," said Szrom.

Pictures from the event can be found at:
http://www.mccainmovement.com/event_iowa. These graphics can be used
free of charge; please contact Charlie Szrom to obtain high-quality
images for print publications.