PigMobile in Dover protesting military pork

For immediate release -- June 21, 2006


Contact: PrioritiesNH director Steve Varnum, 224-3800 or 748-0317

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Giant pink Pig Mobile roaming Dover in response

to Foster's Daily Democrat editorial


Dover – PrioritiesNH is turning the streets of Dover into a Pig playground to protest an editorial in Foster’s Daily Democrat that criticized the group’s bipartisan campaign to trim Pentagon spending and shift $60 billion in federal funding to education and healthcare for children, job training, renewable energy, deficit reduction and other needs.
After publication of the June 14 editorial, the PrioritiesNH campaign contacted Foster's and proposed that a public forum on the issue of federal budget priorities be held in Dover. Foster's officials have neither acknowledged nor responded to the request. "The reason Americans haven't demanded sensible budget priorities is that our elected officials never tell them that 53 percent of the discretionary budget -- the budget Congress votes on every year -- goes to the Pentagon," said campaign director Steve Varnum. "Voters also aren't told that our government spends at least $60 billion each year on obsolete Cold War weapons and nuclear weapons that military experts say aren't needed to defend our country. " "Our Congressmen don't tell them, and Foster's Daily Democrat isn't telling them, so we will." The campaign is bringing these facts to the attention of Dover residents this week via its giant pink PigMobile, a creation of Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen, which consists of three oversized piggy banks that demonstrate how out of whack America’s spending priorities are. The PigMobile and the PieMobile -- a rolling 10-foot-high color pie chart of the discretionary budget -- are circling the downtown Dover area, including Foster's offices. PrioritiesNH volunteers and staff are also distributing the group's informational budget pens and leaflets (copied below) to shoppers downtown.

PrioritiesNH, based in Concord, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating New Hampshire citizens about how the federal government spends their tax dollars and to helping them demand sensible spending priorities. PrioritiesNH wants to change budget priorities to reflect the needs of New Hampshire residents – and their commitment to education, healthcare, energy independence, job training and deficit reduction – by transferring funding from unneeded Cold War-era and nuclear weapon systems.