Gov. Lynch Signs Legislation To Help Protect New Hampshire's Groundwater Resources

For Immediate Release

June 22, 2006

Contact: Communications Director
Office of the Governor

CONCORD - Gov. John Lynch today signed into law legislation aimed at helping protecting New Hampshire's ground water resources.

"Our groundwater is a precious resource. We must protect this resource to ensure that our citizens and businesses will continue to have access to clean, safe drinking water for generations to come," Gov. Lynch said. "This new law is an important step forward in increasing the ability of the state to protect groundwater and to provide communities with the information they need to manage and protect their groundwater resources."
The legislation, SB 386, makes it easier for cities, towns and individuals to get involved in the permitting process for large groundwater withdrawals if they could be impacted. It also expands the permit appeals process.

The legislation makes clear that groundwater should be consider a public trust, and that the Department of Environmental Services must consider the potential impact on water supplies for neighbors and communities before granting a large withdrawal permit.

The bill, which goes into effect in 60 days, was sponsored by Senators Dick Green, Peter Burling, Jack Barnes, and Iris Estabrook.