Guinta Urges Neighborhood Awareness in Fighting Crime

Office of Mayor Frank C. Guinta

For Immediate Release June 22nd, 2006

Contact: Craig Smith (603) 624-6500; (603) 759-5870

Mayor teams up with City Police to publicize the warning signs of gang and other criminal activity

Manchester- With the Summer season upon us, Mayor Frank C. Guinta has teamed up with Manchester Police Chief John Jaskolka to educate the public in the importance of identifying the warning signs of gang and other criminal activity and notifying police of potential problems in our community.

"I cannot stress enough how important the public is in fighting crime in our city Guinta said. "We have an excellent police department whose members work diligently every day to fight the spread of gang and other criminal activity in Manchester, it’s just not possible to be everywhere at the same time. Members of each neighborhood must step up and be in communication with the police when they spot a potential problem. It’s not as much a matter of simply reporting crime as it is a matter of neighbors taking care of one another."

Anyone who witnesses a crime in the city, or who becomes aware of something they think the police should immediately be aware of should never hesitate to call 911. Additionally, residents are urged to contact the Manchester Police Department if they notice any of the warning signs that gang activity might be spreading into their neighborhoods.

Neighbors should never ignore the following warning signs that might be associated with gang activity brewing in their neighborhoods.

  • Tagging or graffiti drawn with unmistakable, often cryptic symbols. Sometimes with one symbol written on top of another.
  • Neighborhood children who display radical change in behavior or display a change in the friends or types of friends with which they associate.
  • Groups of adolescents or young adults uniformly wearing particular forms of clothing, "colors", or having the same tattoos.

Not all groups of young people are involved in illegal "Gangs" but to prevent criminal activity, the police need to be made aware of certain types of behaviors that could be indicative of developing problems in our community.

Anyone witnessing these or other types of problematic behavior in their neighborhood should immediately call the Manchester Police Department at 668-8711. The information may be given to police anonymously by calling Manchester Crimeline, at 624-4040. People often mistakenly believe that police already know about a problem when in reality, their most important sources of information are the residents of our community.

Manchester Police have been very active recently in a number of areas throughout the city where a rise in criminal activity has been reported. These patrols address not only crimes that have been reported, but important quality of life issues including loud noise complaints, abandoned vehicles, illegal dumping, and other neighborhood nuisances.

Mayor Guinta and Chief Jaskolka intend to pair up for a summer-long campaign to bring attention to the importance of the involvement of Manchester residents in fighting crime in their neighborhoods. They intend to send a clear message of zero tolerance for gang and criminal activity in Manchester.