Jim Coburn Comments on Democratic Primary Threat

Contact: BrendanMcQuaid



For Immediate Release

June 22nd 2006


Manchester, NH – Jim Coburn commented today to the news that a Democratic National Committee panel has voted to allow a caucus between Iowa’s caucus and New Hampshire’s first in the nation presidential primary, and allow another primary shortly after New Hampshire’s.  “Once again Governor Lynch has not provided leadership by failing to protect the New Hampshire primary.  His own national party has created the greatest threat to the primary we have yet seen.  New Hampshire’s governor has two important obligations, to prevent a sales or income tax, and protect our first in the nation presidential primary,” Coburn said, adding, “Democrats and Republicans have long stood together in supporting New Hampshire’s primary as one of the most open and accessible events in national politics.  In New Hampshire voters meet the candidates face to face, rather than through their television screens.”