NH GOP Calls on Governor Lynch to Protect NH Primary Status

For Immediate Release

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Contact: Wayne Semprini 603-225-9341

(Concord,NH) – Today, the Democratic NationalCommittee’s rules and bylaws committee voted to allow another state to hold a caucus between Iowa and New Hampshire during the 2008 Presidential election. This ruling would place New Hampshire third in line to host Presidential contenders.

New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne Semprini called on Governor Lynch to show some leadership on the issue and protect New Hampshire’s first in the nation status. “This silliness has gone on far too long. The Democrats on the national level are taking away New Hampshire’s first in the nation status and we have a Governor who hides behind the Secretary of State’s office instead of leading the charge himself,” said Semprini.

“Secretary of State Bill Gardner has always done a great job protecting the primary, it is time Governor Lynch step up and show some leadership by putting pressure on the national committee and secure commitments from each of the Democratic Presidential candidates to support New Hampshire’s First in the Nation status,” Semprini concluded