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Thursday, June 22, 2006

CONCORD ,NH – Today, Gov. Lynch signed HB 37, known as “Michelle’s Law” into statute. This legislation would allow seriously ill college students to take a medical leave of absence without losing their health insurance.

Michelle’s Law is named for Michelle Morse, a college student who attended Plymouth State University and was forced to remain in school full-time while undergoing intense chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

“I became involved with this legislation after meeting AnnMarie Morse, Michelle's mother. Her dedication and tireless effort to pass this critical legislation was inspirational. I am pleased that we were able to strengthen the bill in the Senate and maintain the integrity of what Mrs. Morse was trying to accomplish. This important legislation will allow college students suffering from serious illness to take up to 12 months off from school without losing their health care coverage,” stated Senator David Gottesman (D- Nashua).

“Michelle Morse faced many obstacles, and the threat of losing health insurance just as she needed it the most should not have been one of them,” concluded Senator Gottesman. “This law will ensure that no other college student must choose to either compromise their care, or lose health insurance.”