Corbin's Statement on Dodd's Investigation

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State Senate candidate Corey Corbin today issued the followingstatement regarding comments made by Cindy Dodds in a June 21 Union Leaderarticle.

In an article that appeared on June 21, Cindy Dodds was quoted assaying the following about Mr. Corbin:

“…I also know that Corey is not a trustworthy individual togive accounts of such things.” She was also quoted as saying “I would be highly suspect ofanything that came out of Corey Corbin’s mouth.”

In a letter dated June23rd, 2006, Mrs. Dodds writes to reporter Clynton Namouand retracts her comments about Mr. Corbin and his character. A copy of the letter is attached.

“I am pleased that Mrs. Dodds has retracted her comments. I am not in the habit of lying to thepolice or reporters and am satisfied that this retraction.”

“I am anxious to get on with the business of meeting the votersof my Senate district and talking about issues that matter, like access toaffordable health care, education funding and job creation, and look forward toa spirited campaign, which points out the significant differencesbetween me and my opponent,” Corbin said.

Corbin is a former State Representative, former House MajorityCommittee Whip, serves as Chairman of the SandownBoard of Selectmen and served eight years as an Infantry Officer in the US ArmyReserve. He is the Democratcandidate for State Senate in District 17.