Governor Lynch Orders Millions in Unauthorized State Spending

Contact:Brendan McQuaid


For ImmediateRelease

June 26th 2006

Executive Order Expands State TANF/Welfare Program

Manchester , NH –Governor John Lynch issued an executive order Friday which could cost New Hampshire more than3 million dollars. Due to the hard work of the New Hampshire legislature the welfare reform bill (HB 1331) became law on Friday without his signature. He did, however, put his signature on an executive order to create a multi-million dollar expansion of the state welfare system.

This executive order (#2006-8) demands the state expand welfare to include paying for childcare for all program participants, paying for transportation for all program participants, and creating an entirely new post-employment program. According to republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Coburn, these are programs New Hampshire cannot afford. “Such a post-employment program was debated in the state legislature and was dropped from the welfare reform legislation. It was estimated that such a program would cost the state 3 million dollars to create this extra level of bureaucracy,” Coburn said.

“The Governor refused to take a position on this issue; he is trying to be all things to all people. Now this indecision and lack of leadership has resulted in an executive order to spend millions of dollars without any legislative involvement. He may have exceeded his constitutional authority in issuing this order, and did so without any idea of what it would cost,” Coburn said.

“PamWalsh, Lynch’s press secretary, did not have an estimate on what the order would cost.” ( Union Leader, June 24th 2006)

“This is not the leadership New Hampshire needs. Governor Lynch’s spend first and ask questions later policy will back New Hampshire into a corner where the only escape will be a sales or income tax. We cannot allow this to happen. New Hampshire must demand real leadership now,” Coburn added. ##

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