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June 28, 2006

Concord , NH Today, the New Hampshire State Senate honored Andy Lucier, the Fire Chief in Milton New Hampshire. Joined by his family and surrounding community’s Fire Chiefs, Chief Lucier accepted a resolution from Senator Joe Kenney (R- District 3).

Chief Lucier, during the Mother’s Day floods was faced with a tough decision, cause damage to the Milton community, or send a possible catastrophic wall of water upon the cities of Somersworth, Dover, and Rochester.

Chief Lucier stood at the top of the Three Ponds Dam and watched a raging Salmon Falls River overflow its’ banks. His decisions to hold the water at the Three Ponds Dam averted a loss of life downstream in the communities of Somersworth, Dover, and Rochester.

Senator Joe Kenney commented, “Chief Lucier made the right call by holding back the Salmon Falls River. The consequences otherwise only meant disaster. If anyone of us was put in that same position I think we would have acted in the same professional manner. It was a tough call to make - but it was the right one.”

Senator Dick Green (R- District 6), whose district averted a potential catastrophe from the water, remarked, “On behalf of the communities in my district I wanted to publicly thank him for the decision he made. Chief Lucier chose to suffer damage in the Milton community over the potential loss of life that could have occurred had he made the decision to release the water from the dam. His decision was courageous and in my opinion was the correct one to make. It is my  sincere hope that his community will stand behind him, as he is recognized for his courage during that fateful weekend.”

Senator Iris Estabrook (D- District 21), who represents the city of Dover which also also averted potential disaster, concluded,“His decision saved hundreds of homes in New Hampshire, and I just wanted to publicly thank Chief Lucier for his courageous actions.”