Sullivan hails passage of line item veto

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(MANCHESTER) State Rep. Peter Sullivan today hailed congressional passage of legislation to provide the President with a line-item veto to address wasteful spending.

"The line item veto is a modest but useful step towards reining in the current blizzard of wasteful deficit spending", said Sullivan.

"A line item veto can help make sure that the larger good prevails over narrow, parochial interests, and in doing so help to restore public confidence in government".

Sullivan went on th challenge incumbent congressman Jeb Bradley to support other budgetreforms.

"The line item veto alone is not enough. If we are to put a stop to the fiscal child abuse of the Bush deficits, we need a broad, sweeping strategy. We need to return to pay-as-you-go budgeting, ban special interest earmarks, open up the deliberative process, and demand that every piece of legislation have an unbiased cost estimate. If Jeb's committment to fiscal responsibility is something more than an election year conversion, he needs to endorse these proposals immediately".

Peter Sullivan has released a comprehensive fiscal reform plan, which is available on his web site at: