Sullivan Signs "Voters First Pledge"

For Immediate Release
June 29, 2006
Contact: Sullivan For Congress
(603) 627-1961

MANCHESTER)- State Rep. Peter Sullivan today signed the Voters First Pledge, re-emphasizing his committment to fundamental change in Washington.

The Voters First Pledge puts candidates on record as supporting reforms that put the public ahead of special interest lobbyists. The pledge is endorsed by Common Cause, Public Citizen, Public Campaign Action Fund, and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

"I wholeheartedly support the Voters First Pledge, and I am proud to add my signature", said Sullivan. "The climate of corruption and complacency in Washington prevents us from addressing the real needs of our country. It's time to stand up to special interest lobbyists and put the average citizen first again".

The text of the pledge follows:


I pledge to put voters before lobbyists by supporting legislation to:

1. Make Elections Fair.
Establish and enforce campaign spending limits by providing a set amount of public funding for all candidates who agree to take no private contributions.

2. Restore Accountability.
Pass and enforce meaningful new restrictions on gifts and travel from lobbyists and other powerful interests for members of Congress.

3. Protect Voters’ Right-To-Know.
Require full disclosure on the internet of all lobbyists’ contributions and any fundraising help members of Congress get from lobbyists.