Sullivan Addresses Democratic Convention

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Sullivan Addresses Democratic Convention
Calls for Return To Security, Opportunity and Integrity
(MANCHESTER)- Calling for a return to security, opportunity and integrity, State Rep. Peter Sullivan addressed the New Hampshire Democratic State Convention on Saturday.

Sullivan spoke forcefully about the need for a tough approach to national security issues, calling for renewed effort to keep weapons stockpiles out of the hands of terrorists and for a mix of "smart diplomacy backed by military strength" to prevent rogue states from obtaining nuclear weapons.
Sullivan also called for health care coverage for all New Hampshire families, and reiterated his pledge to run a campaign free of special interest money.

"We won't end the culture of corruption if we simply replace a wishy-washy, lobbyist-friendly, Washington approved Republican insider like Jeb Bradley with a wishy-washy, lobbyist-friendly, Washington approved Democratic insider", said Sullivan. We need a Congressman who puts New Hampshire first".

Rep. Peter Sullivan is serving his third term as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. An attorney, he reisdes in Manchester with his wife, Katya.

The text of Rep. Sullivan's remarks to the New Hampshire Democratic State Convention follows:

Remarks by Rep. Peter Sullivan
NH Democratic State Convention

Thank you, Kathy, for that introduction, and thank you, Katya for always being there for me.

I am going to begin today with something you rarely hear at a Democratic gathering: a quote from Ronald Reagan.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan asked, "are you better off today than you were four years ago?".

It's a tempting question, isn't it?

But ultimately, it's the wrong question.

The question we should be asking is whether we are doing everything we can as a nation to leave our children and grandchildren a safer, more prosperous America than the one we inherited from our parents.

By almost any measure, the anser today is "no".

But I know that we can do better,

I believe in the future, in the possibilities of tomorrow, in an America where security, opportunity and integrity are the cornerstones of our republic, and that's why I am running for Congress.

I believe that we can do a better job of keeping our country safe.

We as Democrats must not be afraid to confront the Republicans head-on when it comes to national security.

You know, Jeb Bradley is a member of the Armed Services Committee, but when it comes to keeping our country secure, he talks like Douglas MacArthur but acts like Beetle Bailey.

When it comes to the real security challenges, he has been AWOL.

We can do better.

We can reform our armed forces to meet the challenges posed by terrorsim and 21st century unconventional warfare;

We can launch aserious effort to secure nucler, biological, chemical and conventional weapons stockpiles, and keep these weapons out of the hands of therrorists who would use them against us;

We can rebuild our alliances, and use smart diplomacy backed by military strength to prevent rogue states from engaging in nuclear blackmail;

And as the party that defeated fascism, rebuilt Europe, stared down Khruschev, and ended the bloodbath in Yugoslavia, we can, we will and we must bring the conflict in Iraq to a swift and successful conclusion.

Here at home, I believe that we can rekindle a spirit of opportunity and hope.

While Jeb abd his Republican frinds have saddled our kids with mountains of debt-nothing less than fiscal child abuse-, we Democrats understand that there is abetter way.

We can reform our tax code, making it fairer andsimpler for every New Hampshire taxpayer, and creating a tax code that rewards hard work and innovation, not wealth and privillege.

By investing in innovative public schools with tough standards, we can make sure our kids have the tools they need to compete and win in the global economy.

And we can finally, after six decades, deliver on Harry Truman's promise and ensure that never again will any American go without the health care he or she needs. It is time to fullfill that promise!

Finally, we all know that we can certainly do a better job of restoring integrity to our political system.

Let me say something that some folks might not understand.

We won't end the culture of complacency and corruption if we simply replace a wishy-washy, lobbyist-friendly, Washington-aproved Republican insider like Jeb Bradley with awishy-washy, lobbyist-friendly, Washington-approved Democratic insider.

We need a Congressman who will fight for the people of New Hampshire first, last and always!

We need a Congressman who says "no" top to lobbyist money and to special-interest PACS. I pledge to you today that I will be that Congressman.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is 2006, and business as usual is no longer going to cut it.

Let's stand together and chart a new course.

Let's restore America's historical devotion to security and opportunity, to integrity and the common good.

Let's get America back into the business of creating dreams again.

Thank you, God bless you, and thank you for coming today.