Mark Warner Rocks New Hampshire

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Governor Warner and the Forward Together team have been going at Internet speed. Governor Warner addressed the New Hampshire Democratic Party's annual convention Saturday. C-SPAN covered the event on The Road to the White House and the video is online.

Saturday was the beginning of a frenetic 10-day road trip for Governor Warner. In addition to New Hampshire's Democratic Convention, he will speak to the Japan Society in New York, Newsweek's Leadership for the 21st Century conference and the Yearly Kos blogger conference in Las Vegas.

Responses were great in New Hampshire, as one granite state native said, "I want to hear Warner again. He had this crowd mesmerized."'s Walter Shapiro mentioned the "rock-star status awarded to Mark Warner" and got this quote from the Governor regarding the day's other speaker: "I have tremendous affection for Senator Feingold. He's a very principled voice. I have the same frustrations that he has about Iraq."

Shapiro also discussed Governor Warner's "magnetic appeal," "hefty record of accomplishment" and said he has "the easy charm of a winner -- asked about his resemblance to Bobby Kennedy, Warner joked, "It's my horse teeth."

The Manchester Union-Tribune covered the event and pulled this quote:

He said less than $2 billion is spent annually on research for renewable energy while the Iraqi war costs $7 billion a month. Diverting two weeks' worth of war costs would more than double the money for energy research, Warner said.

But the administration fails to understand the connections between energy policy and national security, and renewable energy and creating jobs, he said.

"That would require an administration that believes in science. In 2006, who thought we would be debating evolution?" he said.

Later this week Governor Warner will be speaking at the Yearly Kos convention -- an offshoot of the popular Daily Kos blog -- which will be the largest gathering of Democratic bloggers in history.