Contact: Senator Bob Letourneau

(603) 271 – 3207

June 6, 2006

Concord ,NH – A few dusty Civil War relics can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to Senator Bob Letourneau (R- Derry). Senate Bill 327, sponsored by Senator Letourneau was recently signed into law, which establishes a civil war cannon restoration fund.

New Hampshire has several Civil War cannons that are in complete disrepair and in need of major restoration. Senate Bill 327 authorizes the National Guard to accept gifts, grants or donations from any public or private source for cannon restoration. The donations will then be deposited into a special fund, which is under the discretion of the state treasurer and the New Hampshire Adjutant General of the state’s National Guard.

Several years ago, there was a request made to the Joint Historical Committee to dispose of the Civil War cannons. The committee did not do so because the cannons are original and irreplaceable. Senator Letourneau remarked, “I could not believe that such a request was even presented to the Joint Historical Committee. These cannons are a major part of our history and deserve to be preserved and shown to the public.”

Senator Letourneau concluded, “I want to thank everyone that worked so hard to get this legislation passed. There was tremendous support from my co-sponsors to ensure swift passage. We owe it to our future New Hampshire generations to preserve our past. With the outpouring of support for Senate Bill 327, I know that historical New Hampshire relics will be given the proper respect that they deserve.”