Jim Coburn Proposes Business Partnerships for Historic Properties

Contact: BrendanMcQuaid



For Immediate Release

June 7th 2006

Concord , NH- Jim Coburn announced his concept for saving New Hampshire’s state owned historic properties today. “It is a tragedy that our historic properties have seen such neglect, they are an asset to New Hampshire, and need to be preserved,” Coburn stated. His concept would call for state businesses to partner with volunteer organizations to maintain historic properties. “This would be an excellent chance for businesses show they care about New Hampshire’s treasures,” Coburn said, adding “Our‘ Adopt-a-Highway’ program has successfully proven that, if given the opportunity, the private sector will lend its support to keep New Hampshire a beautiful place to live. Our historic structures are just one, often forgotten, aspect of our state’s beauty.” Coburn hopes business and state leaders will embrace his concept, stating, “A working plan needs to be in action before we lose another historic site to neglect.”