Response to Democratic Party Calls for Impeachment

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Contact:Wayne Semprini


Thursday,June 8, 2006

New Hampshire Democratic Party: Out-of-Touch and Out of Control

(Concord,NH) – On Saturday, the New Hampshire Democratic Party gathered for their convention and passed motions and resolutions that called for both censuring and impeaching the President.

New Hampshire Republican Chairman Wayne Semprini called upon Governor Lynch and Kathy Sullivan to denounce the actions taken by their party. “I am calling upon Governor Lynch, as the leader of the Democratic Party, to reject these actions. A true leader would not have to be asked to take a stand on such radical positions!” stated Semprini.

“I am appalled at the radicalism that has overtakenthe New Hampshire Democratic Party. Their actions on Saturday are an embarrassment not only to their party but to the state, the country, and to our many soldiers serving in the military,” Semprini added.

On Saturday, Kathy Sullivan remained silent as her party careened out-of-control, saying “It was not my job to speak in favor or against resolutions.” Semprini was quick to respond,“Radicals have taken control of the Democratic Party. Nationally, they have attempted to end our first in the nation primary status and are attempting to anoint Democratic candidates for Congress. Now, extremists have hijacked their own state convention. This is just one more example of how out of touch the Democratic Party is with New Hampshire voters. The two leaders of the Democratic Party appear to condone these actions with their silence on this matter.”