Jim Craig on Missile Defense - NO DEFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE

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New Hampshire Republican State Committee
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Monday, July 10, 2006

(Concord,NH) – On July 4th,North Korea test fired missiles in defiance of the international community and the United States. Congressman Jeb Bradley, a member of the Armed Services Committee, immediately called for diplomacy to take center stage, a resumption of the six nation talks, and the continued strengthening of our missile defense program which he has supported throughout his service in Congress.

In 2002, Jim Craig voted against the development and implementation of a national missile defense system. HR 21, sponsored by then Rep. Frank Guinta, urged the President of the United States to take all actions necessary to protect our nation and to develop an effective ballistic missile defense system designed to deter future threats.

“I am truly troubled by Jim Craig’s actions and lack of leadership in protecting our homeland. Our country is being threatened by an unstable country with unstable leadership and Jim Craig’s answer is……no answer. I wonder how Craig thinks the United States should protect itself against these threats – perhaps catch the missiles with an oversized baseball mitt?” said Wayne Semprini, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

HR 21 said “Whereas, New Hampshire, the United States, and the international community are increasingly imperiled by the global proliferation of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction and cannot defend against a hostile or accidental ballistic missile attack; inconsequence, New Hampshire asserts its leadership as one of 50.”

“I am proud that the New Hampshire House had the foresight to pass such a resolution and to exert its leadership where there was none demonstrated by legislators such as Jim Craig. If Jim Craig had his way, we would be ten years behind in defense development and our citizens would be left totally vulnerable. Thankfully, Congressman Bradley has been a staunch supporter of developing our missile defense system and has stead fastly worked to protect our homeland,” concluded Semprini.