Carol Shea-Porter predicts first district primary victory.

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Rochester, NH—Congressional Candidate Carol Shea-Porter said she was pleased to see that a political poll released today confirms that New Hampshire voters are unhappy with Jeb Bradley’s performance in Congress, and that the Democratic Party can win the First District seat. The poll shows that voters are ready to support a Democratic candidate in this November’s election. The poll doesn’t ask which Democrat in the September 12 Primary Election would be most likely to beat Bradley, but Shea-Porter> said she knows she is Bradley’s strongest opponent.

“This ‘news’ that a Democrat could defeat Bradley is no surprise to me,” said Congressional Candidate Carol Shea-Porter. “I have been working hard in this district for the past several years and I have heard New Hampshire voters express their discontent with Bradley’s representation. I didn’t need a poll to tell me that. All I had to do was listen to the people. I have attended a large number of Jeb Bradley’s town hall meetings, adding my voice to the many who have asked him to speak up for New Hampshire. That is why I am now a Democratic candidate for Congress from the First District. I have heard, I have listened, and I have pledged to speak up for the 99% of voters who aren’t being represented by the incumbent and the Republican leadership in Congress,” she said.

This poll confirms that New Hampshire citizens are dissatisfied with President Bush and his supporters in Congress. It agrees with other recently released polls that show that the voters want a change in Washington.

“I am confident that I will win the primary and I will win the general election. I look forward to serving the people of New Hampshire as the state’s first congresswoman,” Shea-Porter said.

Carol Shea-Porter is chair of the Rochester Democratic Committee. Her web
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