Lynch's Failed Leadership Flips to Hypocrisy


For ImmediateRelease

July 12th 2006

Lynch Demands New Spending While Slamming HHS for 26 million in Cost Reductions

Concord, NH – In the wake of new and increased spending estimates from John Lynch’s recent Executive Order, Jim Coburn, republican candidate for Governor, called on Governor Lynch to answer for his back-door attempt to circumvent the legislature’s authority and enter a dialogue with the citizens who elected him, “As a citizen of this state and a lawmaker in Concord I want my Governor to stand up and tell me why he decided to order six million dollars of unapproved taxpayer funds be spent on programs the legislature specifically rejected.”

Coburn also questioned why the Governor would order an additional six millions dollars in spending while at the same time criticizing Commissioner John Stephens for trying to make cuts preventing a 26 millions dollar projected deficit, “Governor Lynch is criticizing Commissioner Stephens for trying to balance his departments budget while his executive order will push the deficit over 30 million dollars. This is poor leadership by Governor Lynch, and the citizens need answers.”