Jim Craig: Rubber Stamp for DCCC, Trial Lawyers, and Unions

For Immediate Release

Monday, July 17, 2006

Contact:Wayne Semprini


Concord,NH) – Cutting it close to deadline, Jim Craig finally filed his quarterly financial disclosure form on Saturday. Over the past few weeks, Craig refused to discuss his numbers or reveal who contributed to his campaign. Now we know why.

"It is obvious that the small amount of donations Jim Craig has received this quarter are from trial lawyers, unions, the most liberal members of Congress, and -- of course -- theDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). With less than$200,000 in the bank and mounting expenses, perhaps Jim should focus more attention on raising money from sources within the Granite State, and less on liberal special interests outside of New Hampshire," saidWayne Semprini, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

Last week, Craig's campaign released a poll conducted by a DCCC pollster showing Jeb Bradley beating Craig by 14 points, but then losing by 11 points after negative information was presented. Craig refused to release further details of the poll and was chastised by his fellow Democratic candidates for being controlled by the DCCC. "Jim Craig won't release the details of the poll because the DCCC doesn't want him to. He has been a rubber stamp candidate for Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC since he filed as a candidate," said Semprini. "Apparently Jim doesn't understand that repeating a tired message composed by out-of-state liberals further demonstrates to those watching this race that the campaign is void of original ideas and lacking in energy. It is no surprise that the campaign is now short on cash!" said Semprini.

"It's time for Jim Craig to start running his own campaign instead of letting Washington insiders buy it and manage it for him. In New Hampshire, voters like to see candidates who work hard at the grassroots level to earn votes citizen by citizen, town by town -- not taking their messages and funds from out-of-state liberals," concluded Semprini.