Desperate Democrats Quote Coburn Out of Context

For Immediate Release 

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Contact: Wayne Semprini 603-225-9341

Attempt to Divert Attention from Lynch’s Lack of Leadership

(Concord,NH) – As the campaign of Republican Jim Coburn picks up steam heading into the election this fall, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has resorted to attacking Coburn in a desperate attempt to divert attention from Governor Lynch’s lack of leadership.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party has launched a deliberately misleading campaign, complete with radio ads, in an attempt to convince voters that the Republican candidate for Governor is advocating a tax on gasoline. Kathy Sullivan and the Democratic Party have quoted Jim Coburn out of context while conveniently ignoring the fact that Governor Lynch supports the current 18.3 cent per gallon tax.

“The truth here is that Jim Coburn is the only candidate for governor to propose a cut in the state tax on gas,” said Wayne Semprini, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. “It’s a diversionary tactic to hide the fact that John Lynch has not demonstrated any leadership on this issue. It is past the time for Governor Lynch to come forward and offer his plan to deal with the increasing price of gas,” concluded Semprini.