Candidate for Executive Council Bob Bruce Statement on Thomas Burack Nomination

Friday, July 21, 2006
Bob Bruce for Executive Council
(District 4)
Contact: Pam Green  603.424.7364

Wieczorek’s word play

CANDIA – In nominating Thomas Burack as Department of Environmental Services commissioner, Gov. Lynch was mindful of New Hampshire’s need to integrate environmental protection and economic development for a healthy future. Uniquely qualified, Burack is an environmental attorney who sits on the board of several organizations devoted to protecting the environment. In 2001, Burack made Business NH Magazine’s list of top ten environmental leaders in the state.

A divided Executive Council, two for, two against and one still sitting on a fence, must approve Lynch’s nomination. District 4 Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek supports re-appointing Michael Nolin, the former Gov. Benson appointee whose term recently expired.

Not supporting Gov. Lynch’s nominee conflicts with the principle held and a statement made by Wieczorek in a 2002 interview. Explaining the importance of an incoming governor’s ability to nominate his own person rather than working with a former governor’s DES appointee, Wieczorek said,"When you come in, you build your own team - the people that you know you can work with to get things done that are a priority with you.”

Democratic Gov. Lynch wants Burack on his team. Bob Bruce, District 4 executive councilor candidate wants to know, “If Ray sincerely believed what he said in 2002, why isn’t he supporting this governor’s excellent nomination?”