George Bush and Jeb Bradley Continue to Put Special Interests Ahead of Seniors

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Democratic Congressional Candidate Jim Craig

Calls on Congress to Override Bush Veto

Makes Pledge to NH Seniors and Families to

Fight for Stem Cell Research

Protect Social Security Benefits and

Fix the confusing, risky Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan

(JULY 20, 2006)— Today, Jim Craig, Congressional Candidate in New Hampshire’s first district spoke to seniors at St. Ann Healthcare Center in Dover about protecting Social Security, fixing the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan and fighting to override President Bush’s stem cell veto. As President Bush and Rep. Jeb Bradley play politics and put big special interests above NH families and seniors, Jim Craig pledges to make change in Washington and put our country on the right track .


“It is heartbreaking that our President is playing politics with vital medical research that can save lives. Stem Cell research holds the promise of a cure for millions of seniors who suffer from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.” Jim said. “I see, first hand, the pain Alzheimer’s has caused my family and so many others across the country. It is time to put politics aside and put the needs of seniors first. Congress must override his veto.”


Millions of seniors are facing a minimum 7% penalty for the rest of their lives and will not have coverage until January 2007. Since the May 15th deadline, n o action has been taken in Congress to repeal the penalty tax.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bradley plays politics and enriches his campaign coffers with over $30,000 from Health PACs, including HMOs, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. According to his latest Federal Election Commission filing, he continues to take contributions from them. []

In May, the NH State Legislature voted down a resolution co-sponsored by Jim asking for the repeal of the Medicare Part D penalty tax. Jim Craig is petitioning Congress to repeal the Medicare Part D Penalty Tax. [View petition at]

“Congress and Jeb Bradley failed seniors when they allowed special interests to corrupt the Medicare Part D legislation,” Jim said. “They failed seniors again when they failed to fix it. Before it’s too late we must protect Social Security from the same fate.”


Recently, Republican leaders announced that they would put Social Security privatization as a top priority for the next session. NH voters can’t trust Jeb Bradley to put their interests first, as he has wavered on his position several times. Jeb Bradley said he was against Social Security privatization, and then he said he was open to it.

Jim Craig, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s First District, is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and his roots in the Granite State stretch for five generations. As a veteran of the US Army, he worked for his law degree with the help from the GI Bill and joined his family's law practice. For over 20 years, he has promoted the health and well-being of families by serving on non-profit community boards. He was elected to the New Hampshire State House in 1998 and now serves as Democratic Leader. Jim was a co-sponsor of the bill in the NH State House that provided the guarantee that seniors who fell through the cracks on Medicare Part D would get their prescription drugs.


Details about Medicare Part D, co-sponsored by Rep. Jeb Bradley and enacted on November 22, 2003:

Ø Gives away $139 billion in new profits for drug companies

Ø Gives away $46 billion to private insurers

Ø Prevents the re-importation of less expensive drugs from Canada and other countries

Ø Prohibits the government from negotiating drug prices with manufacturers

Ø Reduces coverage for some people whose drug costs are now paid by Medicaid


Jeb Bradley named to the Prescription Drug Action team by Speaker Dennis Hastert (April 11, 2003)

Jeb Voted for the GOP Medicare Prescription Drug Bill.

The bill made sweeping changes to Medicare that will give billions of dollars to businesses and the health care industry, while forcing seniors to accept annual increases in premiums and deductibles and a growing gap in coverage for the prescription drugs they buy. The bill passed the House 220-215 and was signed into law. (HR 1, Vote #669, 11/22/2003)

Jeb voted against allowing the Department of Health and Human Services to directly negotiate lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. (HR 1, 11/22/03, #688)

Jeb voted against easing restrictions on the re-importation of drugs from Canada, which would have provided a cost saving to American seniors. (HR 1,11/22/03, #688)

Jeb Voted For Sham Prescription Drug Bill.

This prescription drug plan pushes seniors into HMOs, has no limits on premiums, and contains a massive gap in coverage that will still cost many seniors thousands. The bill passed 216-215. (HR 1, Vote #332, 6/27/2003)

Jeb Voted Against Changing Medicare Part D

This measure would have established a $100 yearly deductible and $25 monthly premium, to cover 80% of all drug costs between up to $2000, and all drug costs above that level. Instead, Bradley voted to create a program with a $2800 "doughnut hole" and only 95% coverage for expenses above $5100. (HR1, 6/27/03, #330)


Jeb Voted to Spend Every Penny of the Social Security Trust Fund.

The vote was for a budget conference report that spends $1.1 trillion of the Social Security Trust Fund over five years to pay for other government spending. The budget agreement passed 214-211. (HCR 95, Vote #149, 4/28/2005)

Jeb Voted To Raid The Social Security Trust Fund.

The vote was for a GOP budget resolution that will raid the Social Security Trust Fund of more than $1.1 trillion over the next five years. The budge pass the House 218-214. (HCR 95 , Vote #88, 3/17/2005)

Jeb Voted To Endanger Social Security & Medicare But Make Tax Cuts Permanent.

The legislation would freeze or reduce spending on most discretionary programs while leaving the way clear to make President Bush's tax cuts permanent. The measure was defeated, 146-268. (HR 4663, Vote #318, 6/25/2004)

Jeb Voted For a Budget That Would Spend the Social Security Surplus & Increase Debt.

The FY 2005 Budget Resolution that spends $174 billion of the social security trust fund would pay in part for $55.2 billion in additional tax cuts. The measure passed 216-213. (SCR 95 , Vote #198, 5/19/2004)

Jeb Voted To Raid $2.6 Trillion From The Social Security Trust Fund.

The vote was for final passage of the FY 2004 budget resolution that sets broad Congressional spending priorities. The final budget agreement raided $173.4 billion from the trust fund in FY 2004 alone. The measure passed 216-211. (HCR 95 , Vote #141, 4/11/2003)