Letter on Presidential Primary from Jim Coburn

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For Immediate Release

July 25th 2006

Manchester , NH - Jim Coburn sent aletter to Republican leadership in Nevada and with the National GOP today urging their support for New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary. The letters, addressed to National GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman, and Nevada GOP Chairman Paul Adams is pasted below. Coburn personally spoke with Chairman Adams of Nevada, who insisted that the Nevada Republicans currently have no plans to move their caucus ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

Dear Chairman,

I am writing to you as the Republican candidate for Governor of New Hampshire to solicit your help in maintaining one of our nation’s most valuable political traditions, our First in the Nation Primary. The Democratic National Committee has presented a plan to destroy this tradition by placing the Nevada caucus between the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.

A contest in such a large state will reduce Iowa and New Hampshire to the role of mere bystanders. These are both states where votes are cast based on retail politics by people who have met the candidates face to face, often more than once. By frontloading our primary calendar the democrats will create a system where votes are cast based on multi-million dollar television ad campaigns without the wide variety of candidates the current system can foster. The result would be tragic, removing the choice from the people and handing the nomination to which ever candidate can spend the most money.

The Republican Party must not play into this democratic game. We must remain unified in our support for Iowa and New Hampshire retaining their traditional roles. We must not allow the democrats to dictate our calendar for us and destroy a tradition which has helped give the United States a democracy which is the envy of the entire world. I hope you will join with me in this fight, and will do what you can to maintain this worthwhile tradition.


Jim Coburn, NH House of Representatives