Newt Gingrich supports NH’s First in the Nation Primary in nationwide radio commentary

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Manchester, NH - July 24, 2006 In one of his daily radio commentaries scheduled to hit 450 radio stations across the country tomorrow, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich comes to the defense of New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary. A copy of Gingrich's 90-second radio message was provided to Victory NH.

In the commentary, the former Speaker Gingrich clearly spelled out why the current election calendar benefits the country as a whole:

“In both states, grassroots, face-to-face politics is the name of the game and that is the way it should be. Crowding the New Hampshire Primary and Iowa Caucuses with more early primaries would change all that. Instead of going from one living room to the next, meeting voters one at a time, candidates would be going from one big donor to the next, to buy more TV ads. That’s not good for America.”

Victory NH, a network of citizen activist groups, in conjunction with New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, has begun hosting a series of “Protect Our Primary” meetings across New Hampshire. The group’s goal is to see to it that Presidential candidates and leaders of both parties understand both New Hampshire’s unique and proven ability to offer all candidates, regardless of their financial means or fame, a level playing field where they can afford to have their message heard.

"In response to the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and By Laws Committee’s vote last weekend to diminish the importance of both the New Hampshire Primary & Iowa Caucus, Gingrich's message could not come at a more important time," said Harry Levine, Co-Founder of Victory NH. “While we’ve received support from political leaders from both parties, Gingrich's endorsement of this effort is a welcome one. Our hope is that other political leaders will join him in reaching out to citizen activists across the country to ward off the efforts by both parties to turn America’s primary process into one that only benefits the candidates with the deepest pockets. Or as Newt so perfectly put it: ‘People, not money, should decide.’”