Roy Shoults, Sr.
Co-Communications Director
Manchester Republican Committee

Manchester Republican View of Gov. John Lynch Campaign

While not yet even near the level of corruption of hiding $90,000 in a freezer, Governor Lynch appears to be learning very fast how to deceive the public. After all, it's no small feat to announce two huge deceptions at the same time. Just to claim that, as a new governor, he had inherited a $300,000,000 deficit, when, in fact, he had inherited from Governor Benson an $82,000,000 surplus would make any crooked, political pro swell with pride. On top of that, however, Governor Lynch is now bragging that he balanced the budget without any new taxes. When he actually achieved his balanced budget by increasing taxes $87,000,000 on tobacco, this amounts to the same as asking someone, "Loan me $10, but only give me $5 - then you'll owe me $5, and I'll owe you $5, so we'll be even!" If you like how Governor Lynch is deceiving you now, just think of what he'll do, if he stays in office and gets more practice.

Manchester Republican view of DNC Selecting Nevada

I don't see any reason why the Democrats would not select Nevada to challenge New Hampshire's First in the Nation Primary position. Where else can one find so many minorities, including the Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, who certainly led the battle to give a larger voice to this minority. Certainly, Nevada ideally fits the morality standards of those supporters. Can any other state brag that it's major city was developed and brought to world prominence by the Mafia? In a recent, unusual case of the sudden death of the seemingly healthy state controller, a July 21, 2006 Associated Press Release begins, "LAS VEGAS - In a state where sin, debauchery and corruption are commonplace, it takes a lot to get people talking." I'm sure the Democrats wanted some place where they could really feel comfortable!