New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, against the calendar change, before he was for it.

Roy Shoults, Sr.
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Manchester Republican Committee
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MANTRA:  a verbal spell, ritualistic incantation, or mystic formula used devotionally. . . ,  Merriam-Webster, Unabridged Dictionary, 2002

In response to the Democratic decision to have Nevada oppose the New Hampshire "First in the Nation" Primary, it was just announced by the New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, that he was, in effect, against the calendar change, before he was for it. In June 2005, Richardson, stated, "I believe that as long as primaries following New Hampshire have diverse constituencies, the problem is resolved. New Hampshire being first in the nation is a fabric of American politics, and as a minority Hispanic leader, I don't want to change that." He now shows definite signs of backing the Democratic-Nevada decision, "A caucus is fine. As long as it's not a primary."

Similarly, Indiana Senator, Evan Bayh, who previously stated his undying allegiance to the New Hampshire primary recently got a headline in the Des Moines Register saying that he backed the Nevada move, "whatever ends up being decided is what we'll need to do."

It surely appears that "I was for it, before I was against it," will surely become the official Democratic "Mantra." If Senator John Forbes Kerry copyrighted his phrase, and is now getting residuals on it, he will no longer have to rely on selling Heinz catsup to fund his campaigns.