Manchester GOP Critical of Sullivan Response to Primary Changes

Roy Shoults, Sr.
Co-Communications Director
Manchester Republican Committee
760 Somerville Street, #1
Manchester, NH 03103-4536

Manchester: Kathy Sullivan's ferocious response to the Democratic National Committee's Nevada decision is that she is thinking about bringing a floor amendment to the full DNC, but then adds, "I don't think it's good enough. . ." Now, there's New Hampshire Democratic power politics at its best!

Sullivan's equally adept response to reactions from Senator Gregg's office was that they are, "panicking prematurely," and "it's very sad," that they are "using the primary in a partisan way." This is a remarkable way of framing the issue, since it is the DNC which began the gerrymander-like issue of manipulating primaries and caucuses in order to gain partisan advantages.

Sullivan further laments about these press releases from Senator Gregg's office in that they have never "called and asked, in a bi-partisan way, if there was anything they could do to help." Now that we understand that Sullivan expects Republican assistance without her having to ask for it, perhaps a gesture of unrequested good will can stimulate a better bi-partisan climate. If Kathy Sullivan would hav e a key to her garage sent over, Republican campaign signs can be placed directly into her garage . This would free up her campaign workers from the time and energy of going around collecting Republican campaign signs to put in her garage, as they did last year with the Guinta signs.