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Lauren Aquino


July 4, 2006


Barnes quote indicates he no longer wants to make laws

The New Hampshire State Senate recently killed a ban on smoking in public establishments, despite recent polls indicating that 79 percent of the public supports the ban. Commenting on the proposed ban, State Senator Jack Barnes, told the press “don’t let your senators and representatives tell you what to do.”

Corey Corbin, Democratic candidate for the District 17 state senate seat, blasted Barnes’ comment as being anti-voter, anti-business, and anti-public health. “When 79 percent of the voters say they support a ban on smoking in restaurants, when the restaurants say they want the ban, and business owners say they want the ban, a responsible leader listens,” said Corbin, a former two-term state representative and current chairman of the Sandown Board of Selectmen. He continued, “This is another example of Jack Barnes doing what Jack Barnes thinks is best, regardless of what the public and businesses want. If Barnes doesn’t want to listen and lead, then he should step aside for somebody who will.”

An editorial by the Portsmouth Herald, dated July 3, 2006, also criticized Barnes for his apparent reluctance to serve the public, writing “if Barnes thinks lawmakers shouldn’t make laws, maybe he needs to give up the position.”

Corbin agrees. “As State Senator, I vow to govern according to the will of the voters, with the interests of public health and business needs in mind. I will help bring real progress to the district and the state. The people of District 17 and New Hampshire need real leadership and dedication, not more weak-kneed posturing by an out-of-touch politician who has been in Concord far too long.”