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July 7, 2006

Senator LouD’Allesandro to Speak at the Civic Leadership Academy

Concord , NH – The New Hampshire Institute of Politics has asked New Hampshire State SenatorLou D’Allesandro (D- Manchester) to open the Civic Leadership Academy(CLA) for the second consecutive year. Senator D’Allesandro willbe speaking to high school students from around New Hampshire who have come to the NHInstitute of Politics to learn about national, state and local politics.

Senator D’Allesandro commented, “I am always excited tospeak to a group of young people. Nothing pleases me more than to have thechance to encourage young people to take an active role in their neighborhoods,their city and the state. The Civic Leadership Academyis an outstanding program, one that provides high school students with anin-depth look at New Hampshiregovernment and politics.”

The opening ceremony for the CLA will take place Monday morning, July 10th,at Saint Anselm College. Senator D’Allesandro will be discussing theimportance of being civically involved, why democracy depends on civicengagement and the accessibility of New Hampshire state government. SenatorD’Allesandro will also share personal stories of his own politicalhistory and the uniqueness of New Hampshirepolitics and state government.

“The CLA program connects young people from across the state withlike-minded peers, which serves to build confidence and renew energies for theirfuture civic endeavors,” said D’Allesandro. “New Hampshire is a distinctstate, and I applaud the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and the students participatingin the Civic Leadership program for taking the time to contribute to its civicwell-being.”

About the Civic Leadership Academy

The Civic Leadership Academyat the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College is anintensive two-week residential program for outstanding New Hampshire high school students. The CLA offers concentrated study in state and local politics for high schoolstudents (including graduating seniors) from across the state.