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ForImmediate Release

August 1st2006

Constitutional Amendment will Prevent StateIncome Tax

Manchester, NH – Jim Coburn announced his proposal today for an amendment to the state constitution which would prevent any future state income tax. “New Hampshire has long benefited from not having an income tax. My time in the New Hampshire Legislature has affirmed what I have always believed, if we are not careful, we will spend our way into an income tax. There are those in the state who would like an income tax, whether they publicly express that position or not. Now is the time to end the debate and take the option off the table once and for all,” Coburn said as he announced his proposal.

The proposal calls for a constitutional amendment to be put to New Hampshire voters. The amendment would state that, No new tax shall be levied, directly or indirectly, upon a person’s income. New Hampshire is one of only a handful of states without a state income tax, and the only New England state. According to Coburn, “Not having a state income tax, combined with not having a sales tax has made New Hampshire a tax free island in NewEngland, making our state more attractive to both residents and businesses and has a proven record of giving us an advantage. I am not in favor of lightly changing the constitution, but in this case we must make sure New Hampshire’s tradition of not having a state income tax is preserved, and clearly laid out, to ensure that one is never introduced.”